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  • Needle fungus

  • Iron chlorosis

  • Japanese beetle

  • Borers

  • Leaf fungus

  • Oak wilt

  • Dutch elm disease

  • Anthracnose

  • Verticillium wilt

  • Bacterial fire blight

  • Leaf minor

  • Deep root feeding with a mineral package that restores tree health and repairs damage left by insects and diseases

  • Tree spraying spring through fall that kills and controls emerging insects and fungal spores

  • Soil injections that are long-term insect control through the root systems

  • Trunk injections that are a long-term insect and fungus control as well as being systemic and chemical free

  • Dormant Oil that is a fall treatment used to suffocate insect eggs and fungal spores

  • Cabling

Our pros are licensed in the application of the Mauget Tree Injection system, a systemic injection system that's used to eradicate insects and diseases.

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With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, you bet our locally-owned business is the answer you've been looking for to get your trees healthy and thriving. You can count on us to diagnose and correct tree and shrub insect and disease infestations.

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Our experts are licensed in the application of insecticide, fungicide, and the Mauget and Arborjet Tree Injection Systems. When you want your trees cared for the right way, you know just who to call.

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Emerald Ash Borer


  • Browning of needles

  • Yellow leaves

  • Skeletonized brown leaves

  • Holes in bark

  • Yellow leaves with black edges

  • Yellow flagging in the crown

  • Yellow flagging in the crown

  • Brown curling and black edges in the spring

  • Browning and wilting leaves

  • Yellow and black spots and premature leaf dropping

  • Depigmentation of leaves

  • Pine trees and evergreens

  • Pin oaks, white pines, and birch trees

  • Linden trees and birch trees

  • Any species

  • Any species

  • All oak species

  • Elm trees

  • Any species

  • Hard maple trees

  • Flowering crabapple trees

  • Linden trees, maple trees, oak trees, or birch trees

Trees Afflicted:

Get acquainted with common tree diseases in the Iowa region

Be proactive with preventative maintenance and upkeep

We can significantly reduce production of seed bearing trees (walnuts, helicopters, cotton, acorns and more). Call us to find out how.

Tree Sterilization